Keystone Listserve

In recognition that Keystone Cooperators are busy community leaders, a Keystone listserve has been set-up in order to provide information about programs and new resources in a timely and efficient manner.

The listserve also serves to connect Keystone Cooperators with other cooperators and conservation professionals from across the state. Keystone Cooperators are encouraged to use the listserve to share information, experiences, and ask questions to the group.

The listserve is intended to support the mission of Keystone - "Important people making the conservation difference". Participants in the listserve agree to contribute relevant, constructive conservation information in support of this mission.

The Keystone listserve is hosted by Paul Catanzaro at UMass Extension’s Forest Conservation Program.  To subscribe, visit our subscription page.

Cooperator Quotes

"Thank you for this excellent workshop!"
“I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the program as well as the other participants.”